Vinyl or Wood Patio Covers

Vinyl Patio Covers:

Trademark Shade has been Designing, Delivering, and Installing Shade Structures for over 15 years. We at Trademark Shade can design any structure to meet your outdoor living needs using our Maintenance Free Vinyl Patio Covers. Choose from our Standard Size & Pricing chart, or Contact Us for an Onsite, Free Consultation on how Trademark can Custom Design a Vinyl Patio Cover for you.
Vinyl Patio Cover This tan Vinyl Patio Cover is attached to the house, and bolted to the existing textured concrete patio. The Projection is 12 ft. from the house with a Length of 20 ft. along the house.
Vinyl Patio Cover
A Custom Designed and Installed White Vinyl Patio Cover on both an upper composite deck and lower existing concrete patio. The upper patio cover is an attached, 12 ft. by 20 ft. structure, and the lower freestanding, 18 ft. by 24 ft. patio cover has an arch front. Vinyl Patio Cover
Vinyl Patio Cover

Wood Patio Covers:

If Vinyl is not what you are looking for and you want the look of a Rustic Wooden shade structure, Contact Us, and let Trademark Shade design and install any style wooden structure you need. Customer Service is our number one priority at Trademark Shade with creative design ideas, using only the highest quality materials available. To navigate each city and county's building code requirements, we have only licensed and insured, highly trained and experienced installers. Need a new deck or patio to place your new shade structure on? Take a look at out partner company at to help design and install any size deck or patio that you may require.
Wood Patio Cover Rough cedar shade structure built on a multi level composite deck that was designed and installed by Trademark-Structures.
Wood Patio Cover
Wood Patio Cover The homeowner has added vertical shade rollers, plans, and outdoor furniture to transform this rough cedar pergola into a relaxing outdoor living space.
A 16 ft. by 24 ft. rough cedar pergola using 2x12 beams, 2x10 joists, and 2x4 shade slates with wrapped 6x6 post bases. Wood Patio Cover
Wood Patio Cover